Sunday, August 26, 2018

Welcome to the Holly J Way!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my first official post as a somewhat blogger. If you are reading this right now, it means you must have a little bit of faith in me; and for that, I am beyond grateful. To be quite honest, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. No idea. I even had my kind boyfriend try and create this blog for me earlier today, because he has very impressive HTML coding knowledge. During his quest on trying to help me set this up and it resulting in myself being genuinely confused, I realized he may just know more about blogging than I do - because I literally know nothing. NOTHING. But, that's the beauty of this entire process. I want to use this blog as an outlet to express and combine my love for fashion, creativity, and writing all into one cohesive place. And if you want to follow along and share this journey with me, then let's give this thing a shot.
        I wont lie, I've thought about starting a blog many of times before. In college, I went through an obsessive cooking phase and even made my own cookbook. I then thought that making a recipe-based blog would be a great idea... but turns out that lasted a solid two weeks, if that. I then started working part-time at a boutique back in 2014 and I gradually started realizing my love for fashion & clothing. The thought of creating a fashion and lifestyle blog had began to cross my mind, but with my demanding English major, I barely could make time for the 10+ page papers I was writing, let alone blog about clothes. So here I am four and a half years later, and I am currently still working for that same boutique today. Throughout those four years, I continually grew within the company and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that crossed my path right after my college graduation in 2015. 
         Now that I have my "adulting" phase figured out (it's really not all it's cracked up to be by the way), I've really realized how much I miss writing and how much I love fashion. I no longer have ridiculously long essays to stay up and write until 4 am anymore, so why not give this blogging thing a whirl? 
           I now realize that my previous attempts at blogging didn't work out for a reason. I have many a times wondered why I didn't start on this sooner and I tend to wonder where I would be right now if I had. But, it's important not to think like that. Wondering about the past and wanting to predict the future isn't as important as the now. If there is one thing I know for certain, God has His right timing for everything, and I am a firm believer in that. 
           So, I am confident that now is the time for me to give this thing a go. I don't know where I'd be if I had started sooner, and I don't know where I'll be in a year, but that doesn't matter because there is nothing like the present. And it's essential to remember the importance of consistence and pursuance. Oh, and having a super smart HTML/tech savvy boyfriend helps too. Will I even have paragraph indentations on this post? Will I even have paragraphs...?  I don't know, but we'll see after I press the "publish" button.
        While I do love fashion and writing, one of my favorite things to do is just simply read a book. I'll honestly read anything that is put in front of me, but it helps when the words are inspirational and relatable. I'm currently reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, and it literally is the most motivating book I have ever read. It's $14 on Amazon and I HIGHLY recommend purchasing it. She does an awesome job of making you feel like you can conquer the world. I'm halfway through the book, and I already feel like I can successfully climb Mt. Everest; and that says a lot, because I can barely complete one single mile on the treadmill sometimes without thinking I'm going to die. 
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         Anyways, one thing she focused on was the importance of not taking "no" for an answer, and not letting other's opinions dictate your dreams. Here is one of my favorite excerpts from the book: 
        "You have to decide to pursue your wildest dreams. No matter what they are, no matter how simple or extravagant. No matter if they seem ridiculous to others or maybe even too easy... it doesn't matter. They're your dreams, and you are allowed to chase them --- not because you are more special or talented or well-connected, but because you are worthy of wanting something more... You won't get there by saying yes. Yes is the easy part. You'll get there by not giving up when you hear the word no" (Hollis 70-71).  
        Just a little motivational food for thought. Also, MLA format hasn't even crossed my mind in almost three years, so I honestly don't even know if I quoted that right. Like I said, I have no idea what I'm doing. But, the overall moral of this post is that I'm completely okay with that.  
         Having all the answers isn't what life is about and that's the beauty of it. Throughout my life, especially living in a small town, I have never had the desire to conform to what others believed to be "the right way", if you will. There will always be individuals who will judge or try and discourage you. The important thing is to always remember that just because their way isn't your way, doesn't mean your way is the wrong way.
         Am I making sense? Your dreams are yours, and no one can take that away from you. Simply being yourself and not worrying about other's opinions is something that has always been instilled in me growing up by parents. I am very thankful that they both focused on showing me that it's important to always stay true to yourself, and not to worry about being like everyone else or conforming to what other's believe to be the "right way". 
        So, this blog will be a portrayal of that mindset, and my future posts will be based around The Holly J Way. That's the way that makes me truly happy and makes me who I am, and I hope my content inspires others to live their lives in their own way too.

Thank you again for reading my first post and stay tuned for lots of outfit details, lifestyle posts, and probably a ridiculous amount of pictures of my dog (sorry in advance.)


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