Monday, December 10, 2018


Alright y'all, I'm doing another blogger thing and sharing this Amazon Holiday Gift Guide I've created! I thought an Amazon Gift Guide would be easy and shoppable for those looking for quick gifts that could be given to absolutely anyone.

This list will hopefully be helpful to those of you who are either doing their Christmas shopping now, or for those who usually wait until the very last minute to do theirs. The great thing about Amazon is that you can still do your shopping at the very last minute if you have Prime, and you'll be set for Christmas Day. 

All of these gifts could be for anybody you're gift shopping for. Most of them are practical gifts that you know will be put to good use. Plus, it helps they're all very affordable. I chose all of these based on practicality, affordability - and I of course made sure they'd all arrive before Christmas! Here are all of my favorites on the list by the associated number.

1) HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer:
  • This is the coolest little gift for someone who enjoys photography and creativity. This portable printer connects via Bluetooth to your phone and you can instantly print out snapshots from your phone. This would be a great thing to have at a party or event! It also saves time from having to wait to get pictures developed, and you can do it from your home from your phone. It comes in multiple colors and is on sale right now for $100!
2) Electric Air Fryer: 
  • This air fryer would be a great gift for someone who enjoys cooking and trying new things! A lot of people have been turning to air fryers to cook certain things because it's a healthier choice reduce added fat by 70-80%, without losing any flavor. Not only is this a great gift choice, but it's only $70 and it comes in 5 different colors. It also comes with a complimentary recipe book!
3) Makeup Brush Stand:
  • This is an awesome gift for gals who love makeup and keeping it all organized. It's a cute way to display makeup brushes on a vanity, dresser, or counter. It also has three sections to keep your brushes separated how you want. It's only $12 and it comes in multiple colors - but my fave color is the rose gold! 
4) Philips Wake-Up Sunrise Alarm:
  • Okay, this is actually my favorite item on the list. If anyone is reading this... I would be okay if this was wrapped under the tree with my name on it (wink, wink!) This alarm clock is supposed to be the equivalent of a sunrise naturally waking you up in the morning, instead of an alarm clock jolting you awake every morning! It goes through millions shades of gradual light so you wake up feeling refreshed. This gift would be perfect for the early riser who has difficulty waking up in the morning! This version is only $50, and there's also another version which is a little pricier, but has a radio.
5) Bathtub Caddy Tray:
  • This gift is awesome for the homebody who loves to come home and take a good bubble bath. Especially in the winter months, a hot bath is something I look forward to when I come home from work.  This caddy is amazing because it holds a smart tablet or book, has a phone holder, wine holder (this is important), candle slot, and room for accessories. It's also waterproof, slip-proof, and has adjustable sides so you know it'll fit all tubs. It's also only $40 so it's super affordable!
6) Moscow Mule Set:
  • This is a great gift for the entertainer/hostess with the mostess. This cute moscow mule set would look great displayed on a bar cart, or on your bar counter. There are plenty of sets out there but this one is higher quality, comes with two copper straws, a shot glass, and two E-books with drink recipes. So you're definitely getting your money's worth for it to be only $24!
7) iHome Flask Shaped Bluetooth Speaker:
  • Okay so everyone needs a Bluetooth speaker right? iHome makes this awesome one that looks just like a flask, which is so cool! It's a good gift for a guy (husband, boyfriend, brother, guy friend, etc!). It comes in black, silver, and an American flag themed one which I think any would think is cool. It could be taken to the beach, lake, tailgates, and really anywhere! It's only $28 right now on Prime. Definitely a good guy gift!
8) Awair - Air Quality Monitor: 
  • This gift is great for  It would probably be a good little gift for a new mother, or for someone with young children. This air quality monitor tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and makes you aware of what's in the air you're breathing at home. It syncs to an app on your phone and updates you on your air quality. It's definitely a pretty beneficial gadget to have in your home + it's also a night light! It's $99 on Prime!
9) Portable Shower Speaker:
  • This is also a gift I wouldn't mind receiving! I'm the type of person who enjoys showers 10 x more if I have music playing. It never fails, my iHome dies mid-shower and it drives me crazy! This one is an awesome gift that anyone would use, and it just suction cups to your shower wall and syncs to your phone through Bluetooth. It has LED light effects and you can also take calls from it! Under $30.
10) Tile Mate Key Finder:
  • This gift I think is for ANYONE! But especially for the one person you know who loses their keys non-stop (aka me). You simply attach the little Bluetooth tile which is synced on your phone to your key ring. If you lose your keys, you can find them through the app because of the tile tracker attached to them. You can buy it in a pack of one for $10.00 or just buy a four pack. It's a good stocking stuffer
11) Sous Vide Precision Cooker:
  • So it took me forever to understand the concept of this - but it's actually pretty cool! This is also a good gift for someone who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and cooking new things. It's a smart device Bluetooth cooker which you place in a pot of water, and you set the temperature through the app on your phone. You place the meat you want to cook in a plastic bag, and place it in the water and it literally just cooks it perfectly and keeps all the flavor locked in. You can cook with your phone, with no other equipment needed! The nano version is $64 and the larger version is about $100.
12) Weighted Blanket: 
  • I've heard so many great things about these! This would be a good gift for just about anyone. But really it would be good for someone who values good sleep and relaxation! It's supposed to help promote deeper sleep and give off the feeling of being held. It's also great for children because it helps them sleep sounder. It comes in various colors and is $75!
13) Mini Cool Mist Humidifier: 
  • This little portable humidifier is so cool! You can take it literally anywhere and it's the perfect size for travel. It's super easy to use and it's one of the most quieter humidifiers ever made. You can take it in the car with you and easily set it up no matter where you. It's a good little gift for someone who travels a lot for their job! Only $19 and comes in a pretty turquoise and pale pink color.
That about wraps up my Amazon Gift Guide! All these gifts are perfect for absolutely anyone and they're great for shoppers who wait until the last minute. All these gifts will arrive before Christmas with Prime and they all have great reviews. Hope this was helpful - thanks for reading my first Gift Guide!

Holly J


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