Thursday, February 28, 2019

the NC wine lover's dream | Childress Vineyards

Wine slushies, delicious food, gorgeous scenery - do I have your attention yet? Because if it's anything that has to do with wine and food, I'm in. This is exactly why my boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to take me on a surprise trip to Childress Vineyards to celebrate our one year. Honestly I'm really thankful he understands my love for wine and food. It's the little things that mean the most, right? 

Anyways, if you're a native to North Carolina or even visiting the triad-area, I HIGHLY suggest you visit Childress Vineyards. I've been of legal drinking age now for over five years and live about an hour from Lexington, and I'm honestly shocked I've just recently visited Childress for the first time. I've always heard amazing things about it, but never quite made the trip. Now that I've been, you can catch me at this winery on any weekend off I have off in the near future. This place is GORGEOUS. It's literally like the Napa Valley of NC. I've actually never been to Napa Valley - but to me, but in my eye's,  I've found the winery heaven of NC.

I've truly never been to Lexington. When I think of Lexington, I think of Lexington BBQ. When my boyfriend merged off the interstate, I was thinking to myself, "Where on earth are we going?" I saw the Lexington BBQ sign and I was thinking to myself, "okay, he's taking me all the way to Lexington so we can eat barbeque?" I mean, I'd be good with it - anyone who knows me, knows I love to eat. We kept driving for a few more minutes and he turned into a pretty entryway to what looked like the most gorgeous land I've ever seen. I instantly knew we were at Childress Vineyards, and in my head I was thinking I'd hit the jackpot because I get to drink wine all day. Which is my actual dream way to spend a day off (or really any day tbh).
Everything about this place is truly enchanting from one end to the other. I won't lie, I found the frozen wine slushies within less than 5 minutes of being inside. Trey & I sampled a few flavors, and let me just tell you: if I could actually have the machine that makes the wine slushies inside my house, I would. They were THAT GOOD. Before our tasting, we took a tour of the vineyards, the wine-making facilities, and cellar. We learned all there was to know about the wine-making process and it was so interesting. Our tour-guide was super knowledgeable and made the tour engaging and fun! 

After we toured the farmland area & wine-making area where the wine is fermented and aged - we went inside for my favorite part, THE TASTING. We had the option of choosing between a Cellar Select Tasting or a Barrel Select Tasting. The Cellar seemed a little bit more up my alley because they were mostly white & blush wines that were more sweeter, as opposed to dryer. 

My favorites were the Muscadine White, Reminisce (Blush Muscadine), and the Muscadine Red. Okay, do you see a pattern? I didn't even mean to love the three muscadine wine's the most, but it just happened that way. They tasted AMAZING. We seriously had so much fun sampling all the various wines, and of course, we ended up taking home more bottles than we probably meant to!

At this point, I didn't think the day could get any better. That was the case until we ate in The Bistro! First of all, the atmosphere in there was so cool. Not to mention, we had a great table by the window which overlooked the entire farmland. To start, we (well, really just me because I'm the one who is wine obsessed, haha) ordered a flight of sweet wines. You can pick which four you want between a wide selection of their white, red, or sweet wines. I made sure to choose my favorites from the tasting we had prior!

I had been craving seafood, so I ordered the "Bang Bang Fried Shrimp". It was technically an appetizer, but it was more than enough and I also had a house salad! It was seriously so good. Trey ordered the "Richard's Reuben" and he ate the entire thing, so I know it had to be just as good as mine was! You would think after all the wine and our lunch we'd be full, but we saw they had a Skillet Cinnamon Roll for dessert, and you better believe we split that sucker and ate the whole thing. 

Incase you haven't noticed, this experience was SO MUCH FUN. It was the most relaxing, fun-filled way to spend our day together. Childress is great because you can either have a great day-date with your loved one, or you can go with a bunch of your girlfriends and sip wine all day! If you're in NC and haven't experienced how amazing this winery is, I highly recommend you get in your car and go. Now. Well, only if it's currently 11AM-3PM. Moral of the story? Go to Childress, sip some wine, eat some great good, see some amazing sights, and just truly have a great time! It'll be impossible not to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drink my wine on my couch. And yes, I sipped my Muscadine Blush Wine as I wrote this blog post.. because why wouldn't I?!

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