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I'm completely mindblown that October is over, but it was FULL of spooky and thrilling reads for me! I dove a bit out of my comfort zone this month and chose books I wouldn't be as quick to select for myself, but I was pleasantly surprised! If you get one thing out of this blog post it's this: GET A COPY OF ADDIE LARUE ASAP and if you have never read a book by Elin Hilderband, GET YOU ONE NOW. You won't regret it! Here are some of my favorites from this month, along with my honest reviews and opinions.

Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand
RATING: 5/5 STARS -  Fiction
When I tell you I cried when I finished this book, I MEAN IT! Y'all, I love all of Elin Hilderband's books, but this series was my absolute favorite from her. This final book of the Paradise series was definitely worth the wait of its release. The ending was a wonderful conclusion of all the events that unfolded throughout the series. The characters end up feeling like your friends as they try and overcome what life throws at them. If you need an escape to a tropical island with some juicy drama, this series is it! Another 5 star from Hilderband for me as always.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab
RATING: 5/5 STARS - Fantasy

What an absolute MASTERPIECE. I finished this book in complete awe. I truly don't know how Schwab put together this wonderfully written novel, but it get's 5 stars from me without any hesitation. Schwab spent ten years writing this, and I can see why. It has to be one of the most interesting and well-written books I have ever read.

Addie LaRue has a moment of desperation in 1714 when she doesn't want to marry someone she is being forced to. She has to either decide to be married to a stranger the rest of her life, or decide to live forever freely. As she makes this bargain of infinite life, there is a catch to her deal. No one will ever remember her. She lives 300 years of being pretty much invisible to those around her, leaving no mark; until she meets a man who finally remembers her name. 

This has to be one of my favorite books I've ever read. As a reader, you go on this journey with Addie and feel and experience everything she does. This is a slow-paced story, but it is well worth the read. An absolute masterpiece. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this somehow turns into a Netflix or Hulu series! 


American Royals: (BOOK I) & 
Majesty: (BOOK II)
5/5 STARS - YA Fiction 

Y'ALL. This had to have been one of my favorite series I have ever read! If the concept of a royal monarchy fascinates you as much as it does me, this series is for you. Especially with all the debate drama going on in our world right now, it was honestly kind of fun to escape into a book where America is ran by a royal family. The characters in this book are SO easy to love and relate to. There's juicy relationship drama and romances and I never wanted either of these books to end. Imagine Gossip Girl and The Crown all in one, and it would be this series. Fingers crossed for a third book!

The Social Graces by Renee Rosen 
Rating: 5/5 STARS - Historial Fiction
*Releases on 4/20/21* 
Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!

This historical fiction novel was wonderful. I adored this book and was so impressed with Renée Rosen's writing! Throughout the entirety of this book, I felt like I was right there with the character's living in high society during the Gilded Age, as that was how descriptive and intricate the details of each chapter were.

This was a beautiful story narrated by two main characters, Caroline Astor and Alva Vanderbilt, and their different viewpoints living in New York Society from the perspectives of new money vs. old money. Their ongoing feud  and competition in society outlined this book and how women were solely defined by their roles in social society. Having connections and obtaining a position of high social status were of the upmost importance to women during this time period. Both characters proved to maintain their confidence no matter what obstacles got in their way, and they never faltered to lose their strength as confident women. 

I can't express how much I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Renée Rosen knocked it out of the park with this one and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good historical fiction novel!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
4.5/5 STARS - Historial Fiction 

This was my first novel by TJR and it will definitely not be my last! I was immediately hooked from the first page. This novel is about an aging Hollywood icon who has lived an exciting life in the spotlight and is ready to tell her story, but there's a catch. Evelyn only wants a complete stranger who is an aspiring journalist to write her story. Monique Grant has no idea why Evelyn chose her, but she is more than willing to jumpstart her career and get to know the secrets of this iconic movie star. I knew right off the bat that there was going to be a plot twist to the unraveling of this story that I wouldn't expect, and boy was I right!

The complex and intricate story of Evelyn Hugo had me so intrigued. The story behind Hugo's life in the spotlight and each of her seven husbands was so compelling, and this book was impossible to put down!

The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth
Rating: 4/5 STARS - Psychological Thriller
*Releases on 4/13/21* Thank you St. Martin's Press & Netgalley for an early copy!

This was one of my favorite psychological thrillers I've read in awhile. I was immediately hooked from the beginning and found myself eager to figure out what would happen next!

As fraternal twins, Fern and Rose grew up being extremely protective of one another due to their upbringing. While Rose and Fern both live complete different lifestyles as adults, they shared the same experiences as children. Or did they? Fern lives her life day-to-day with various sensory issues, and Rose has always been there for her to accommodate her needs. I will say, I really grew a liking towards multiple characters in this book and truly found myself empathizing with Fern the most. I loved the way she narrated her story in a light-hearted manner, and I loved her personality the most.

This was one of those books where the reader thinks they know what's going on, and then everything all of a sudden starts to flip and unfold. I don't want to give too much away, but the ending will definitely surprise you! This novel by Sally Hepworth was BRILLIANT and I read it all in one day. If you enjoy a suspenseful and thrilling read, this one is for you!

Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell
Rating: 3.5/5 STARS - Psychological Thriller
* Thank you @atriabooks for the free copy*

This was my first novel from Lisa Jewell that I've ever read, and I can see why her books are worth the hype. This was a perfect example of what a psychological thriller should be. Full of anticipation, confusion, and shock. Not going to lie, this book did seem pretty dark to me. It is about a troubled 17-year-old girl who mysteriously goes missing outside her ex-therapist's house. While this seems like an odd coincidence, the neighbor across the street is the first person everyone starts to point the finger at. While I found some aspects of this book a bit odd and dark, I still kept reading to find out what would happen next. I definitely wouldn't recommend this book UNLESS you're comfortable with dark, psychological thrillers. I liked this book for sure, but did not love it.

The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle
Rating: 2.5/5 STARS - Psychological Thriller

Y'all, what did I just read? I RARELY ever finish a book where I am just truly confused as to what just happened. The ending was just WILD. I know this book has gotten mixed reviews, but it was a true miss for me. This novel is about a set of identical twins who are extremely different, yet both in competition for a hundred-million dollar inheritance. It's evident the author is extremely knowledgable about sailing, and a lot of the jargon used went WAY over my head. The characters were hard to empathize with and the storyline was just kind of boring to me. There is a lot of back-story leading up to the events in this book, which I understand, but this one just didn't knock it out of the park for me. The character's actually seemed CRAZY in my opinion, all of them. I literally NEVER feel like I dislike a book, so I was surprised by this one!

Not sure how I managed to read 9 books this month, but I hope you love these picks as much as I did! Thank you to the mentioned publishers above for my free copies in exchange for honest reviews. If you end up reading one of these, let me know your thoughts!

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